Rise of the Runelords VA

Aramil''s musings later to be transcribed

I am sure I will have time to later write this in my journal. Right now we are in the runeforge in peril of our lives. This metal transmuter man has nearly routed us and with fly magic has rendered most of our warriors ineffective. He has dealt out deadly spells, even ones with the power to disintegrate us like poor Jaben or even turn our flesh to stone. Right now the monster has left us and I have put a wall of force on the doors to stop it from returning. I hope it can hold and give us some time to regroup but another bout of its distingration magic could bring down even my formidable wall.

If I had my way I would send all transmutation to the devils. Of course I neglected its study so it is so exhausting for me to use. There are some very useful spells but I am sick and tired of seeing this bastard deal so much dammage to us. Everyone has been tight and Regdar stands out again as a formidable force in this group. Syphacia too is able to give out monsterous amounts of damage and I greatly respect her prowess. Corrum’s my cousin so I will always respect that even if I can’t respect all of his actions.

If only Regdar could appreciate the beauty and freedom of life like Syphacia does. He’s far too caught up in following the rules and regulations and the rigid dogma of his faith.

Enough musings. My magic anihilated the water elementals earlier today. I will prevail again against this transformation thing.



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