Rise of the Runelords VA

Chronicles of Coram #17

Shockingly, I'm still alive, and not by any direct form of divine intervention. At least, not that I've noticed.

The group somehow agreed to head down into the dungeon, leaving most of the giants, ogres and other assorted beings behind us. First we went to save Aramil's father, who was still alive, but being kept for some kind of human sacrifice.  There was some kind of giant…. Thing there. IT was sort of a giant, but not completely. It had runes carved into it, and i"ve not seem anything like that before. Eventually, we were able to defeat him.

 We faced off against Lucretia and an associate of hers.  She's finally dead.  In fact, she didn't last very long.  I think our combined hatred of her gave us all a single minded task to kill her this time and be done with her. I had forgotten how unifying hate can be when it's not targeted at me. Her companion fell afterwards.  

 During battle, Redgar summoned what he calls a "Whale" to aid us.  It was of little aid, but after the battle, he sent it to scout ahead, and it managed to collapse some walls and trap trolls under there.  It's a cruel fate, but really no more than they deserve.  I won't shed a tear for them.

We also faced some rage drakes.  The battle did not go well, and sapped a lot of the party resources in spells and some items.  Thankfully, I hope, I've been able to hold on to most of my limted spell repitoire.  I have a feeling we'll be needing it soon, as I am sure another battle lies around the corner for us.

 Should we survive another day, I might actaully start becoming optimisitc.  And that will likely be the death of me.



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