Rise of the Runelords VA

Chronicles of Coram #20

For once, I'm not writing my thoughts in a flury of ill-fortune.  Which probably means this will be the last time I write. I sometimes think our group does it's best in the most desperate of situations. Perhaps we get overconfident against some creatures.  You'd think we'd learn by now.  Or, at least, you'd think I would learn by now. But enough of that.


We travelled north to find the Runewell. We eventually found what had to be the proper location, including statues of the head of each Runelord.With some shockingly good teamwork, we figured out how to obtain the keys. However, each time we found a key, it made a sound which eventually brought an enormous white dragon to find us. When it initially arrived, we all ran screaming. We were finally able to regroup, camp, and try again.

 Redgar was able to protect us from the fear, and as a group, we began to fight the dragon, with Aramil and I hurling spells at it, while others battled it, and Redgar strove to keep us alive. It fell, almost taking our newest companion, a strange adventurer, with it.

Once we climbed the stairs to the entrance, we found ourselves fighting several earth elementals on stairs.  We were also able to defeat them and descend into the entrance of the Runewell, deep inside the mountain.  There were found not only columns for us to use to enter a portal, but a huge hoard of treasure from teh dragon.  So now we rest, and I am sure Aramil, Redgar, and I will attempt to identify some of these items.



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