Rise of the Runelords VA


Aramil's troubled journal

I can’t believe it is possible to feel any worse than I do right now. First Jaben, then father, all in the same day! With Jaben there was nothing I could do to save him. He was already invisible which in almost all instances should have protected him. But that bastard giant stepped from behind a corner and vaporized my love with a disintigration ray. There is nothing that a cleric of Callistria with his limited power could have done to deflect such a ray from a mighty caster. He did not stand a chance.

Why did I let him scout ahead of the party like that? If it was me I would have stood a chance but never for my dear Jaben.

Then once the battle was over to hear the threat from the giants to kill the prisoners. We had to just sit there and wait for my father to be killed. And once we had driven them out the sight of his maimed form on the floor was too much for me to bear. My mind was flooded with a lifetime of memories of my childhood and teen years. How father stuck with me when mother left to return to the Mierni Forest. How he nurtered and loved me and supported me completely when I started my studies. He knew my destiny to become the youngest arch-mage in the land and he was there with me in the formative years. And now he is gone! How much pain did he suffer?

I know we can bring at least father back but I fear Jaben is beyond our grasp. There is no way I can get beyond this.



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