Rise of the Runelords VA

Razan's Account, the Twelfth

Dragons and Darkness


I suppose I never thought to fight dragons. Certainly, in the stories there is always one, yes? But even as I headed out for duty and adventure and glory… I never thought to fight dragons.

Even if I had, however, I would not have spent my time wondering how it felt to have one land on my chest, its full weight driving my armor through flesh and bone alike. Nor that it would bellow and glare and that all thoughts of valor would desert me and I would flee like the hare before the jackal.

We regrouped. I spent a night in vigil and prayer. I feel distant from the Dawnflower. I don’t know why, what I have done or not done. I would have given much for the council of Father Ra’id there in the darkness before the sun peeked over the horizon.

We returned to fight again. It dropped Masud from a great height. Syphacia’s arrow felled it. I… did little.

As we mounted the giant stairs that led to the entrance to our target, we were faced with another battle: earth elementals in the somewhat unlikely aspect of large trees. On the ice, we fought. Aramil nearly fell to his death over the edge. They possessed a mighty wallop that sent us flying whenever they landed a blow. Was I less useless in that battle? It is hard to remember now. I hope so.

An invisible path led us down from the light, a hint of what comes. They tell me that we are against old magicks, that we will face arcanists and their traps. Am I suited to this? Is this truly what I am meant to be doing? One might think, however, that a warrior was meant to battle dragons, and I proved little use at that task. I fear now that this will be worse.

Nuwairah, who was my nanny when I was a child, used to sing to us. We feared the night, my brothers and I, but she would sing in a small, piping voice a song to help us through to dawn. I still remember the words…

Daylight is over
The twilight has fallen
Gone is the sunlight
We’re left in the blackness of night
We’re praying for courage and wisdom
And for our safe passage
From darkness to light

Day is done
Twilight’s come
Gone’s the sun
And comes the night
We pray for wisdom
And for help
And for light




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