Rise of the Runelords VA

Stupid !~#$ing Magic Dungeon, and a Hedgehog

-4708, Absalom Reckoning

I think we all may have just come from the grandest fight of our lives. Not even Arkryst could top this guy.


                A wizard who dabbled in metallurgy, locked in an extra-dimensional dungeon to act out his experiments in their fullest capacity. Years and years of testing seem to have led to perfectly recreating himself in metallic form- one of the many facts about him that proved to be a royal pain. The other major fact being… he was a wizard. Notice my clever use of the past tense, there.

                Yes, indeed. The implication there was that he is now dead. Incredibly dead, in fact. It so happens that a wizard without any magic is just a shmoe with a fancy beard. Too bad for him, his ability to ruin our day has greatly diminished because of it. So long. I hope there’s at least a welcome wagon in whatever hell you now preside. Oh, and I hope you don’t miss your spleen. It’s only fitting, considering you turned the only decent wizard in the room into a hedgehog. Not that Aramil particularly likes me anyway. I suppose now he has much… simpler concerns.

                Unfortunately, that blasted wizard was not the only ill that happened to us so far. I also failed- rather spectacularly- to catch a particularly nasty trick door. My over-confidence in my find was my un-doing, and so I and my Dwarven companion were both crushed by the piston that was waiting for my thieves’ tools. The Dwarf was robust enough to withstand it. I however, was not born of the mountain. Thankfully, Redgar was able to revive me again. In my prayers tonight, I must remember to send thanks to Torag as well as Khepri for saving me from my own blunder.

                Something I found quite fascinating was the wizard’s use of some sort of transmutation magic to turn nay-saying or wrong-doing servants into fish, who were then used to decorate the various fountains in the dungeon. It’s cruel, but I would imagine also incredibly effective. If I had worked under these wizards, I would have tread carefully, having seen the fate of my brethren. Unless of course I wished it upon myself, but I would have to have done something really stupid in order to believe I deserved such a punishment. Perhaps something involving a trap and lots of broken bones…

                Ah, nevermind. I’m sure that if Khepri has further disciplinary action to take, he will send it down to haunt me soon enough. Until then, may he watch over us all. We’ll need a God or two on our side to get us through this.



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