Aramil Nybol

bon vivant good wizard


Aramil Nybol was born 23 years ago to Galstakath Nybol, a human male of mixed Chelaxian blood and Quillathe Liadon, a high elf. Galstakath was a miller by profession while his wife was an accomplished tanner and leather smith. All three were followers of Shelyn, since birth.

They wandered around the human lands of the Varisian Gulf for the first 10 years of Aramil’s life, staying where their mixed breed family was welcome. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very long and after 10 years Quillathe could no longer take the strain of living as an outcast. She ended her marriage to Galstakath and returned to her ancestral home in the Mierani Forest, leaving father and son to take care of themselves. Galstakath was deeply saddened by her departure but she left with his and her son’s blessing and love.

After Quillathe left the two settled in Sandpoint where Galstakath started to teach his son his trade. Aramil quickly tired of the fatiguing work and was far more interested in the girls in school or in listening to tales about the strange old hermit who lived in the forests to the east of town who was willing to teach his wizard’s skills for free to any child willing to take his test. Wary of this old man, Galstakath continued to persuade his headstrong son into working in the mill. After butting heads for more than two years, Aramil prevailed and his father let him take the test.

Aramil was gone for nearly two days while the test was undertaken and his father began to worry. He returned just as his father was setting out to retrieve him. Aramil refused to speak of the test and promised that he never would. He ended up being a fine student of magic, dropping out of regular school early since he had learned all he could and spending most of his time with the old hermit. After a 10 -year apprenticeship, he was granted his mage robes and his medallion of power and the old man left Sandpoint as mysteriously and silently as he had come.

Armail has not taken his charge as a wizard very seriously since he has been given the medallion and has mostly contented himself to parlor tricks to impress the more attractive patrons at Sandpoint’s taverns rather than seeking any new real power. But there are rumors of strangers coming into town, adventurers by the look of them, and maybe these are just the kind of people to give him a quick kick in the behind and realize his brilliant potential.

Aramil Nybol

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