Piotr Kess


7th Level Neutral Good Human Sorcerer
Deity: Pharasma
Origin: Ustalav

Ability Scores
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 20 (22)

Fortitude: 4
Reflex: 5
Will: 8

Combat Info
AC: 17 (10+4[mithril chain shirt]+3[Dex])
HP: 34
Initiative: +3
Melee/Missile Attack: +6

Light crossbow
Mithral Chain shirt
Ioun Stone


   Years upon years of devil worship and tyranny had brought Ustalav to its knees, and it was in this harsh environment that Piotr Kess was born into. His family, a group descended at least partially from an Alpha vampire, worshiped Orcus. They saw undeath not as a curse, but as a precious gift, their sole link to immortality. To Piotr this seemed normal, until he reached an age at which he began to absorb other points of view.

   Piotr discovered his magical talents at quite an early age, and it was immediately noted by his parents that his magic was fairly well centered around necromancy. They took this as a good sign and nurtured Piotr's abilities. Up until his pre-adolescent years, his powers remained weak, and nothing much came of his or his parent's attempts to make him stronger. Upon reaching puberty, however, his power began to grow. As this occurred, so did his skin grow paler. Not long after, his power still growing week-by-week, he gained an affinity for the cold, and heard many complaints about what an icy handshake he had. This led both Piotr and his father to believe that he was also on his way to budget immortality. His family rejoiced, but Piotr, old enough now to realize the implications, wallowed. He had only just begun considering the fact that he was not one of them, that he could get away from this, that Ustalav was an idiotic place full of idiotic people… and eventually, he did leave, quietly and without a problem. He moved up to the Hook mountains in Varisia, where his immunity to cold kept him just fine, and the general lack of people struck his young adult fancy. Since making a living had suddenly become a necessity, he offered his talents up to anyone who needed them. He occasionally took on adventuring contracts, and it was these outings that led him to a thought.

   Piotr had presumed his vampiric curse was inevitable and unavoidable; something fate had dealt him and that he had better simply accept as a truth and move on. Adventuring provided an interesting possible solution; if he could locate some artifact or magical item that would have a chance at removing his curse, perhaps he could die as any other Human being would. And that is Piotr's one wish.

Piotr’s wish came true after a fashion when the party traveled to the underground lair of The Scribbler. While they were successful in defeating the mad prophet of Lamashtu and driving off Erylium, Piotr was struck by a horrific spell of destruction and reduced to so much dust. A few days later, Lord Kess arrived in Sandpoint and, with the help of sinister minions, took his son’s remains and effects back to Ustalav.

Piotr Kess

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