Razan Silaam

Warrior of the Dawn


Born fourth of four to a noble family in Katheer, the opulent capital of Qadira, Razan was the family’s only daughter and therefore had every luxury and advantage they could provide. Her elder brothers were certainly important to their parents, but their baby princess was a treasured jewel. From her halfling nanny to her extensive wardrobe to her eventual sword training and sponsorship to the Knights of the Resplendent Dawn, no expense was ever spared. But every foreigner who has ever mocked – however quietly – the pampered daughters of Katheer has missed an important point: they may be given every whim, but they are expected to uphold their end of the bargain.

Razan has been promised to Kateb Faraj since he was nine and she was three years old. His family has been hinting that it is long since time they were wed, but her own parents were loathe to deny her anything that sounded reasonable… and she made her knight’s oath sound far more than reasonable. She likes Kateb well enough, but is reluctant to settle into household management when she has not even had a chance to make a glorious name for herself. And for her goddess, of course.

Since leaving the hot, bright desert for the colder climes, she has had some reason to regret her decision, but she still feels that something brilliant lies ahead.

Razan Silaam

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