Rise of the Runelords VA

Syphacia and Mallisun #5
Syphacia and Mallisun Lose a Level

As Razan ate dinner by the fire, Mallisun sat near the knight’s feet and stared up at her with wide, sad eyes. The cat’s head was low, its shoulders flat, and its bushy tail flopped weakly from side to side—as if the firepelt could not find strength to lift it any further. Razan resisted the pathetic display as long as she could, then sighed and tore off a piece of her venison, “Here you go. But that’s all I can—”

The cat had already gulped down the morsel and was looking for more.

More from Coram

Things are, for some part, at least going better now for us. IT's about time. I was starting to think I'd have to go back to drinking a lot at the rate we were going.


We made our way up to the dam. We had to dispatch some trolls and ogres, but that went surprising well, all things considered. WEll, other than my misstep in the water which almost washed me over the edge. Thankfully Rizan was able to grab me before I went over the edge.

As is common for us, our greatest challenge came from ourselves. We found a demon trapped within a summoning ciricle, who was all but dead from his life force being drained. It appeared that the operation of the dam was tied to lifeforce, and that to open the dam would require using his life force, and likely that of someone else. We weren't sure about this at frist, however, and it seemed only the demon had the answer. A debate ensued as to what to do. Piotr seemed to think it was okay to parlay with the being!  A being of pure evil, and he wanted to parlay.  And the party thinks bad thing about ME!

 The situation resolved itself by accident when Syphaccia explored the other cell. Some of her life energy was taken from her, and the demon's was finally exhausted. The dam opened, and the town is now safe, but we will need to restore her energy. 

 Now we find ourselves heading off to save a nymph due to the agreement of some of my distant ancestors.  

Aramil's Journals

Well, the past few days have been interesting, mainly due to Piotr joining our group. I can’t say enough bad things about this guy. He’s difficult, arrogant, and even less of a team player than my cousin. He thinks he is so powerful but he is a sorcerer for Gods’ sake! They have no discipline, no teachers, little knowledge of lore. My master warned me to not trust them.

And I see he was correct! This one wants to consort with demons! Whereas I wanted to trick it with my magic or with my stunning wit, he wanted to just barter with the thing. And he says he comes from a place where they deal with demons. And his handshake is so cold. I am incredibly surprised this guy is not evil.

And then once we get back to the fort we hear from this fey who says that elves (myself half included) need to render assistance. There will be a Nymph and they are rumored to be beautiful. Maybe things are not so bad after all…

From the Journal of Redgar Ironhand #17
Redgar and a Moral Dilemma

I can forgive the world for being a complicated place—it has much to do and many people to accommodate. I just wish that the world would show some favor to those that favor it—by spacing the tough choices a little further between, and making these choices more straightforward in their consequences. I know I’m complaining, but sometimes I’m allowed. I think after the first fifty to a hundred evil doers you’re allowed a gripe or two.

The First of Many Pages...
- 4708, Absolom Reckoning

    I've decided it would be best to keep a journal of the happenings from this point forward. Whether this is to ease the frustration from mind to paper or to inform some traveler of our tale after we die, I know not. Either way, the contents should prove more than intersting to the passing eye.

Progress at last!

AFter several frustrating encounters with the Ogres, we have at last retaken the fort.  It was an, um, interesting experience.  At least this time no one died, though pershaps something even worse happened.

Syphacia and Mallisun #4
Syphacia and Mallisun deal with tiny monsters

Mallisun, like other cats, showed his emotions through the twitchings of his tail. A smooth movement from side to side meant everything was well, while no movement at all was an indicator of sharp concentration. If the tail was up he was feeling frisky, if it was low he was feeling blue. And when the tail jerked rapidly back and forth—when it fluffed at the tip like a ball of cotton—it meant Mallisun was agitated. At the moment, he was very much so.

Syphacia put one slim hand at the back of his neck. She said, “It’s alright.”

From the Journal of Redgar Ironhand #16
Redgar savors victory over the Ogres of Hook Mountain

Yes, we defeated the Ogres in Fort Rannick. Not only did we defeat them—we crushed their warriors, cut down their chieftain, and sent all who remained running in terror. As they ran, Razan shouted a taunting challenge, and brought all but one back to us to find their deserved ends. It was the matriarch that escaped us, and in a way I’m glad she fled as she did. Now she can return to the mountains and tell her kin why they should never come back. She can tell the others that Torag himself has taken watch over Fort Rannick.

I’m getting ahead of myself. So much has transpired since my last entry; let me take the matters point by point.

Razan's Account, the Fourth

There is a traitor in our midst. Perhaps two. But at least one.

Alright, I am not absolutely certain of this. Of course, if I were, there would no longer be traitors in our midst.

Coram's continued life

I'm still facing these Ogres.  HOw can that be? I thought for sure we'd have dispatched them by now. I suppose, in reality, I should have known that things wouldn't go as planned.  They never do. I should be used to that by now, but somehow i continue to find myself surpised, and frustrated, by that fact.


We have been whittling away against the Ogre's strength. I suppose, at some point, we may whittle them down enough to where their leaders will have no choice but to face us head on becuase there will be fewer minions to hide behind. I don't know why this tactic frustrates me so much. I will probably outlive all of the ogres. I mean, I just keep coming back to life, after all. But that's the wrong way to look at this.

 Perhaps all of my years in Sandpoint among humans turned my thinking to more short-term than it should be. Perhaps. Or maybe it's just seeing one more piece of futility in my life.Haven't I seen enough of that already through the years?  But enough of that.

 We will need to come up with a new strategy to attack the ogres. Perhaps a sneaky combination of Redgar's abilitiy to reshape stone will help. Perhaps.  But I feel rather useless right now.


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