Tag: elf


  • Shalelu Andosana

    Shalelu Andosana isn't quite a bounty hunter, a survivalist, or a mercenary, but a mix of all three. The elven woman passes through town once or twice a season to buy supplies and never remains more than a few days, always staying at the same room at the …

  • Syphacia Maiaera

    To say that Syphacia never ‘fit in’ would be to misstate her circumstances—for she had never been one to squeeze herself into the roles and expectations of others. It would be more correct to say that the world fit poorly around her. She was only who …

  • Coram Edasseril

    A heavily drinking, carousing elf.  Think Captain Jack Harkness as a straight elf with a blade.  Okay, he drinks more than that, and has less sex (Mainly due to a poor charisma), but you get the idea.