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  • Aramil's musings

    Well, things have certainly worked out well. We had a miserable winter in Fort Rannick. Nothing to do, no hotties to hit on, it just sucked. I was so excited when the snows melted and we were able to get to Magmnimar. Magnimar, fabled city of lost …

  • Aramil Nybol

    Aramil Nybol was born 23 years ago to Galstakath Nybol, a human male of mixed Chelaxian blood and Quillathe Liadon, a high elf. Galstakath was a miller by profession while his wife was an accomplished tanner and leather smith. All three were followers …

  • Coram Edasseril

    A heavily drinking, carousing elf.  Think Captain Jack Harkness as a straight elf with a blade.  Okay, he drinks more than that, and has less sex (Mainly due to a poor charisma), but you get the idea.