Quotable Quotes

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“So, half-orc, do you have anything that will satisfy me?” -Redgar Ironhand

“I have high standards (referring to his taste in women)” -Aramil Nybol

“You’re only about twenty percent evil (referring to the population of Sandpoint after the results of an illuminating ‘Detect Evil’ spell)” -Redgar Ironhand

“I wouldn’t go up there dressed like a tin can.” -Shalelu Andosana on Redgar’s fashion sense

“So the half-elf’s in the market for some balls.” -salesman to Aramil at Sandpoint’s glassworks

“It’s either a giant bee or a tesla coil…” -Emmalyn on mysterious buzzing sounds

“Does sanctuary protect me from vomit?" -Redgar Ironhand

“Must this immediately degenerate into violence?” -Goblin Chief Ripnuggut
“Yes.” -Syphacia

“They are vulnerable to holy water.” -GM
“Well, I’m full of that!” -Redgar Ironhand

“This is between me and the fish!” -Redgar Ironhand

“Evil Sleeps?” -Syphacia
“On an individual level, yes.” -Emmalyn

Upon finding Coram miraculously cured but unconscious after being fatally wounded:
“I can’t wake him up!” -Redgar
“…uhh…he’s dead.” -Emmalyn

“In dwarven cities we don’t have cultists running around and demons infesting towers.” -Redgar Ironhand

“We’d have to get on a boat.” -Redgar, darkly
“What’s wrong with boats?” -Aramil
“Dwarves sink.” -Syphacia

“I see we are not retreating anymore.” -Razan, after Redgar has been grappled by a monstrous plant, referring to plan made before entering the room

“Who is going to be on hug patrol for the giant lizard woman?” -Rawht

“Stop drinking our treasure!” -mirage897, to the giants quaffing potions

“It’s a grand sight.” -Redgar
“Of evil and death.” -Piotr

“On one side of the stairs there’s a pile of adventurers.” -GM

Quotable Quotes

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