Rogors Craesby

The cantankerous caretaker of Foxglove Manor


“Old Man” Craesby used to work a farm in the Sandpoint Hinterlands but lost it when the fields went fallow one spring. Forced out by a wealthier neighbor, he worked odd jobs until Aldern Foxglove returned to the area and began restoring his ancestral home. The Magnimarian noble hired Craesby as a caretaker for the place when Aldern was in Magnimar.

Craesby lived in Sandpoint, where he could be found in his favorite rocking chair. Few are the people that wanted to find him: he was never a pleasant man and had become even more grouchy since his wife passed away two years ago.

In Lamashtan of 4708, Rogors Craesby was transformed into a Ghast. He was laid to rest by a group of adventurers.

Rogors Craesby

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