(Alignment: Chaotic Evil)

Goddess of Madness, Monsters, and Nightmares

Mother of Monsters

Gnolls claim that when Lamashtu first saw the hyena, she took it as her consort and the first gnoll was born. A thousand such stories abound about all manner of creatures, each citing the Mother of Monsters as the beasts’ progenitor. Lamashtu’s worshipers seek out deformity both in themselves and others. Scarring rituals and mutilation are common among the faithful. Although typically venerated by monstrous races, such as gnolls, medusae, and goblins, some human cults practice her dark litanies in secret, promoting tainted births and destroying works of beauty. Some use magic to become more hideous or beastlike in appearance, while her monstrous followers do the opposite to spy on city-dwellers. Lamashtu’s crude depictions usually paint her as a jackal-headed woman, with long feathered wings, taloned feet, and a great swollen belly. Such images frequently include a multitude of monsters gathering to her call, with the favored rising above the rest.

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