(Alignment: Neutral Good)

Goddess of the Sun, Redemption, Honesty, and Healing

The Dawnflower

When the primal forces created Golarion, Asmodeus planted a malignant evil upon the world under cover of perpetual darkness. The doctrine of Sarenrae’s faith tells how the Dawnflower brought light into the world, and with it came truth and honesty. Those who had turned to evil saw their wickedness and were forgiven by the light of Sarenrae. The clergy of Sarenrae are peaceful most of the time, administering to their flock with a gentle hand and wise words. Such kindness vanishes, however, when the church is stirred to action against an evil that cannot be redeemed – particularly against the cult of Rovagug. At such times, Sarenrae’s clerics can become dervishes, dancing among their foes while allowing their scimitars to give their opponents final redemption. Thus, her faith attracts those with kind hearts, but only those willing to harden them when kindness is a dangerous weakness. Religious art depicts the sun goddess as a strong woman with bronze skin and a mane of dancing flame. While one hand holds the light of the sun, the other grasps a scimitar, so that she might smite those who do not change their ways.

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